June 22 2024

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Free Avg
Real Vnc
Open Office
Foxit pdf reader

Common Questions

Anti Virus:

Your probably woundering what is the best anti-virus program or have read that you should have more than one installed. I my self use Free Avg (link located on right side of page). I (Randy) have been using nothing but Free Avg sence late 2003 and only had a couple bad virus's slip through in that time. Now your probably woundering how i got by for so long with out one. Well thats easyer done then said. Ever sence firefox came out I have been using it sence. Less BS gets through and with there huge selection of plugins you can stop them before they even show up on your screen. Another thing is with emails to. If you dont know who it is just delete it, dont even open it. As soon as you do you could get a virus, spyware, malware... and so on just with the simple click of opening it.

Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox

Well for us thats simple. If we could uninstall internet explorer we would. There is so much that firefox offers to their users that there is no reason not to. Best part is its free to everyone. On a side note. I read somewhere that Microsoft is now going to give you a choice on what browser you want to install with there new Operating system after Win7.