June 22 2024

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Service Call --- $10.00 per call

This is non-refundable. Service call is when you contact us for services and we come to you regardless if we can provide the help you need. Out side city limites of New Ulm are subject to a per mile charge at $1.00 per mile one way (not round trip). You will be billed for which ever is greater, not both.
For any services that does not follow anything below will be charged $15.00 an hour.

Scheduled computer cleaning ---- $25.00 per computer

We come into your home at least once a month and we clean up your computer. With this service, we go through and delete temporary files and other un-needed files that are slowing down your computer. Thats not all, we even open up your computer case and clean out all the dust that can cause it to run slow as well.

Program install --- $10.00 per program

We come into your home and help you install any software to your computer.

Virus repair --- $50.00 per computer

We come into your home and fix any and all virus's that are on your computer.

Fresh install --- $65.00 per computer

We come into your home and do a fresh operating system install on your computer. If you have no room to back up personal information there may be an extra charge. But this service includes the install and anything needed to have a working computer. This does not include any programs that were on the computer before the fresh install. (known as formating a computer)

Computer set up --- $25.00 per computer

We come into your home and set up your computer. Whether is was store bought or from us. If the computer is bought from us this service is free. This service includes unpacking your computer and making all the connections. Ex: Monitor, printer, keyborard, etc..

Network set up (wireless and wired) --- See Network Package Rates

We come into your home and setup a network for you. Price may vary depending on set up.

Network Package Rates

Part replacement or upgrading --- $20.00 + part cost

We come into your home and trouble shoot and replace any bad part('s). Price is to remove and install the new part. Cost does not include the price of the replacement part.

Custom computer and/or Home server --- $200.00 set up fee

We will build you a home server if you feel you would like one or a custom computer. Flat rate of $200.00 for building and basic setup. If you choose to have a home server we do offer off site maintenance of that computer at a monthly rate. 1 month free with once per month included. With off site we log into the computer remotely and install, fix, update, etc the computer.